Three Ways I save Time "At Work" with schedules

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I've been working from home a little over a year now and I love it. My business is really growing and in some ways this blog is turning into a business too. It's all very exciting. 

But I have a toddler and I am going to have another baby very soon and I know that my life and the way I run my business will change. 

So I wanted to share with you five ways I save time at work. 

1. Schedule time to check my email. If I let myself I would be checking email every five minutes. I had to curb that because my time is precious and pretty valuable. It's a blessing to work from home, but I am a MOM FIRST and I don't want to take time away from my son because I was obsessively checking my email. 

I turned off the alert on my phone and I shut down the mail ap on my desk top. 

I check it on my phone in the morning when I am getting ready. Then again after breakfast, then around lunch, then again at around 2 p.m., 4 p.m. and right before dinner. I made a rule: I DO NOT CHECK MY EMAIL AFTER 8:30. I just don't. 

2. Schedule Social Media Posts. It felt like I was spending all my time on Facebook and Twitter. This was because social media management is a large part of what I do for my clients. If I let myself I could totally get sucked in for an hour or two. 

So I use a few tools to schedule social media updates. 

FB Schedule.jpg

See that button right there? That allows you to schedule posts on Facebook. 

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 9.46.56 AM.png

You can set a date and time for back posts or future posts. Cool right?

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 9.48.35 AM.png

For Twitter I use a service called Dynamic Tweet. 

3. I have a lot of To Do lists. 


Yes, I need all of these things to keep me track. That's three differnt lists. A home to do list, a work to do list and a long term to do list.